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January 27, 2013

This chapter of American History will be written with many great and triumphant stories, unfortunately fair employment practices and prosperity across our working class won't be one of them. Instead tales of overworking, low wages, intimidation and the struggle of Americans every day to get fair wages for a fair days work, and (hopefully) the lawyers who helped them to ensure both workers and management follow the laws set forth to guide them.

Just as industry is changing, the laws governing employment are constantly being updated, amended and repealed. Things like child labor laws, workplace safety, occupational safety and health, worker protections in agriculture, employee benefits, race discrimination, sex discrimination, age discrimination and minimum wages are all governed by laws. If you think your employer is breaking one of these laws you may need a lawyer to help you fix the situation, whatever the case.

If you have a questions about employment laws, need their protection or know your rights and would like to file a suit because you just don't have any other options, please call us. If you're dealing with a violation of a Employment Law please give us a call!

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